Summer of No Regrets is feel-good contemporary fiction for teens and follows friends Hetal, Cam, Sasha and Nell.


The story…

After their exams, four sixteen-year-old best friends pledge to live a summer regret-free, taking risks however much it scares them:

Sasha agrees to spend the holiday in Geneva, with the father she hasn’t seen for six years, but is not expecting his new girlfriend, or the boy in the cafe.

Shy homebody Hetal decides to go to science camp, and finds a new competitive spirit.

After Nell lost her arm in an accident her mother is scared to let her out of the house - so to do what she wants she will have to lie to her parents.

Fostered Cam goes to look for her birth father. What will she find?

As all these choices become difficult, even dangerous, they will need each other for the strength to face the future.


Where to order Summer of No Regrets…

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